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Billboard of Care (BOC) is more than just an eCommerce platform for products and services; it is a gateway to making a difference. For anyone searching ‘homeless shelters near me’, we cater to the needs of all by offering an array of choices for those seeking to make a meaningful purchase. For those who find themselves not in need of our products, we provide something just as valuable – the opportunity to contribute to a cause. Our social impact organization serves as a gateway to a network of charities, each one selected for its integrity and impact.

Our mission is clear: to forge connections through care, to offer support where it is needed most, and to create a community with the desire to uplift and empower. Every interaction, every purchase, and every donation through BOC is a step towards a more caring and connected world.

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In The Isle of the Dragon , author Rolf Stibbe portrays the heroism and courage of United States Army Air Corps flight crews during combat in World War II against the forces of Imperial Japan. In the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese swept all Allied military threats from the South Pacific, including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Dutch East Indies, Guam, and the Wake Islands. Facing peril and with death likely, a unique cast of characters make for a suspenseful, riveting read. Stibbe interviewed a World War II combat veteran who flew the B-25 Mitchell Bomber nicknamed “Bugs Bunny,” in New Guinea. It sparked his interest to write this jungle adventure story. Readers will be thoroughly drawn into the story and entertained as they follow the plight of the lost bomber crew.

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Organic Cotton Large Waffle Weave Blanket

Our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Waffle Weave Blankets are lovely and pure. Comfortably warm for warmer season use. These are a larger weave than our basic waffle weave blankets. They...

Organic Comforter (Duvet) Organic Cotton Fill

A nice hand tufted organic cotton comforter through and through just right for the winter chills, or for breathability in summer! Cotton breathes almost as well as wool. This comforter...

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