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Ultra Clean Fabrication

We make all of our products in a very clean environment, so you can feel safe if you have severe allergies.

Blue lotus, also known as the water lily, is a majestic blue flower with a vibrant yellow center. It represents long life, health, honor, and good luck. It was considered by ancient Egyptians to be a sacred and even magical flower. The blossoms were sprinkled over King Tut’s body before he was entombed.

Blue Lotus Touch can be used in a massage, as a meditation aid, and for overall skin hydration. It also makes for an enchanting personal fragrance.

Blue lotus grows best in small ponds with high humidity. Sourced in Asia, the rare blossoms are collected by local families early in the morning when the delicate petals are fully open to the sun. Thanks to a Co-Impact Sourcing® partnership, more than 85 farmers can now make a living and raise families by growing and harvesting flowers used in Blue Lotus Touch

Certified Pure Tested Grade

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  • Apply to the pulse points for a centering, relaxing aroma throughout the day.
  • Use as part of a daily skincare routine to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Roll on the neck and wrists for a tranquil, calming personal aroma.

Directions for Use

Topical Use: Apply to the desired area as needed—no dilution required.

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