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Ultra Clean Fabrication

We make all of our products in a very clean environment, so you can feel safe if you have severe allergies.

A nice hand tufted natural wool comforter just right for the winter chills, or for breathabiity in summer! Wool is one of the most optimal fill choices for comforters due to its natural temperature regulating properties and natural bacterial resistance of the wool.
Why do people love the feel and comfort of our Organic Wool Comforters?

They are hand made with our GOTS Certified Organic Damask fabric for durability and filled with our amazingly pure natural Organic Wool (designed for purists like me). The damask outer is sturdier than a cheap sateen outer, great for those with dogs, children, or who just prefer quality. Ours are hand sewed around the entire perimeter and tufted throughout to keep the wool in place. They are not flat like quilted comforters but are instead more fluffy feeling. They also feature inner loops to be tied into our duvet covers that have inside ties.

These comforters are comparable in terms of warmth and weight to a high-quality down comforter. Wool allows better air-flow than down, so you don’t get over-heated. And unlike down, no animals have to die to produce the product.

The comforter is expertly hand tufted to prevent shifting.

Regular fill is optimal for areas which get cold during the winter like Chicago and New York. This comforter does not work as an all seasons comforter like the light fill does. We also have a heavy fill for colder areas.

Light fill is great for all season, even in warm areas like California. Light and airy with a lot of breath-ability to help maintain body temperature.

All of our wool comforters are spot clean only. I occasionally (once a yearish) take mine and rinse off entire exterior on a pole in my shower, the wool repels the moisture and the cotton gets clean this way. A duvet cover is recommended to keep outer from getting soiled.

Spot clean using 1 part natural cleaner or vinegar to 2 parts water. Being hand tufted and also made to order, it can take 2-4 days for this item to be made and ready to ship out. Made here at our San Diego, CA Facility.

Note from manufacturer: I am the owner and I have MCS. I make sure that no one is near any chemicals that could migrate into your pure organic products. We wear only cotton and use no synthetic products in our country facility. In addition, our air is very clean as we are out in the country away from the city toxins. Our products are packaged in pure polyethylene to retain purity all the way to your door.

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King Damask Light fill 106 x 90", King Damask Regular fill 106 x 90", King Damask Heavy fill 106 x 90"

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