Organic 100% Wool Infant Mattress EcoWool Insulator Layers Inside


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Ultra Clean Fabrication

We make all of our products in a very clean environment, so you can feel safe if you have severe allergies.

For over 25 years we have been making infant organic alternatives for your baby to sleep on. In fact, when I was the owner of ECOBABY ORGANICS, I invented our baby mattresses. Our Topper/Pads/Matts are 1.5” of our Pure Natural Lightly felted EcoWool and covered with highly felted EcoWool. This makes a very sturdy flat surface for baby to lay on. Since there is no cotton, it is great for moist and humid clients especially. Wool naturally repels moisture, bacteria, mold, mites…

After baby got older, I used mine for the kids to sit on while we had story time. Then we used them for our dogs, who loved them.

GOLS Certified Organic Latex

Pure Natural EcoWool from Healthy Organically Raised Sheep. Why EcoWool? Our organically processed Ecowool, although not certified organic, we have found to be of equivalent purity to certified organic wool. In addition, Ecowool is from organic USA sheep, making it a great way to support our local economy!

Made in USA

Note from manufacturer: I am the owner and I have MCS. I make sure that no one is near any chemicals that could migrate into your pure organic products. We wear only cotton and use no synthetic products in our country facility. In addition, our air is very clean as we are out in the country away from the city toxins. Our products are packaged in pure polyethylene to retain purity all the way to your door.

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Baby Bunk 1.5" 15 x 35", New Baby Bunk 1.5" 17 x 35", Mini Cradle 1.5" 15 x 33", Halo Shaped 18 x 30 x 1.5", Organic Cradle Mattress 2" 18 x 36", Organic Cradle Mattress 1.5" 18 x 36", BabyBay Custom Shaped 1.5" 17 x 34, Davinci 1.5" 23 x 36.5", Mini Co Sleeper 1.5" 18.5 x 31.5", Mini Co Sleeper 1.5" 19 x 32.5, Ideal Co Sleeper 1.5" 23 x 38", Davinci Mini Crib 1.5" 24 x 38", Porta Crib 1.5" 25.5 x 36.5", Porta Crib 1.5" 26 x 38", Sleigh Bed 1.5" 21.5 x 31", Small Cradle 1.5" 17 x 34", Stokke Mini 3" 23 x 29" Oval, Stokke Sleepi 3" 27 x 48" Oval, Stokke Junior 3" 28 x 66" Oval, Mini Bassinett 1.5" 13 x 27" Oval, Bassinett 1.5" 18 x 31" Oval

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