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Ultra Clean Fabrication

We make all of our products in a very clean environment, so you can feel safe if you have severe allergies.

Something natural to support baby during feedings! Our Ecowool filled nursing pillow features Ecowool fill and an organic cotton outer. This pillow is soft and plush.

I used this to support my baby while breastfeeding, during playtime to support babys chest when we were playing, and under their neck and head to prop them up during playtime with the playbar. When they got older, it made a great support for their back when watching tv or hanging with the fam.

The organic cotton has a cooler feel than polyester due to its natural breathability while the Ecowool is naturally temperature regulating and bacterial and mold resistant. This makes this pillow very low maintenance. The organic cotton twill or damask outer is very supple, durable and travel friendly.

Our organically processed Ecowool, although not certified organic, we have found to be of equivalent purity to certified organic wool. In addition, Ecowool is from USA sheep, making it a great way to support our local economy!

We also highly recommend checking out some of our organic cotton pillowcases to go with your pillow.

SKAL Certified Organic Cotton Twill

Spot clean only, not returnable once opened. Made here at our San Diego, CA Facility.

Note from manufacturer: I am the owner and I have MCS. I make sure that no one is near any chemicals that could migrate into your pure organic products. We wear only cotton and use no synthetic products in our country facility. In addition, our air is very clean as we are out in the country away from the city toxins. Our products are packaged in pure polyethylene to retain purity all the way to your door.

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