Pillow: Organic Cotton Natural Latex Filled Zip Outer – Queen


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Ultra Clean Fabrication

We make all of our products in a very clean environment, so you can feel safe if you have severe allergies.

Looking for a pillow that is supportive yet malleable? Do you like to make space for your ear, or to move your pillow under your neck more? There are a lot of people making shredded latex pillows from the scrap of mattress making. Great idea. But a lot of those manufacturers are using shredded latex that has synthetic latex mixed in. We get only the purest shredded latex from Organic Cotton Plus in Texas for purity.

Our pillows are expertly made with our organic cotton damask. We do not use the weak sateen, as we want these to last. This also makes ours machine wash and dry. Yes really.

Shredded latex is a great fill as it is very malleable. You can move it where you want support. Wrap it around your neck, under your shoulders, whatever works for your comfort. Best thing is, ours have a zipper closure so you can remove some of the latex if you find it too full over time.

Why Natural Latex?

SAFE: Natural Latex is a product from Mother Nature, produced from the sap of the rubber tree.

HEALTHY: The latex sap from the rubber tree contains antibacterial compounds, a trait that is transferred to our latex products. Furthermore, latex sap is dust mite resistant by nature.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Tapping a rubber tree to collect the sap will not kill the tree so they continue to remove carbon dioxide from the air for many years to come. Our products do not add to the World`s mountains of trash. Latex products last longer than other types of products and they are completely biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.

SUPPORT: The unique, nonlinear compression profile of a rubber cell makes heavier parts of the body sink in while lighter areas are still supported. This optimal alignment of the body keeps the pain away and improves blood circulation.

Shredded latex naturally repels dust mites and mold. So it is a great pillow to use daily.

Made in USA

Note from manufacturer: I am the owner and I have MCS. I make sure that no one is near any chemicals that could migrate into your pure organic products. We wear only cotton and use no synthetic products in our country facility. In addition, our air is very clean as we are out in the country away from the city toxins. Our products are packaged in pure polyethylene to retain purity all the way to your door.

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Queen Regular Fill Zip Closure, Queen Heavy Fill Zip Closure

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