Yoga Pillows 6″ Diameter EcoWool


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Ultra Clean Fabrication

We make all of our products in a very clean environment, so you can feel safe if you have severe allergies.

If you like a malleable pillow that is pure and super breathable, try our WOOLIE pillows. This version is small woollie balls so it has more give and more malleability than other wool pillows. This makes this the lightest and fluffiest feeling of all our pillows. Not only are all the ingredients processed naturally, without the traditional synthetics that even some organic wool producers use, but they are naturally resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, and other contaminants. This features a zipper so you can add or remove fill.
The Kapok Fill is Silky Feeling and smooshier. It also is machine wash, but is to be hot dried. Features a zipper so you can add or remove fill.
The EcoWool Fill is sturdier and less squishy, more supportive. This one has no zipper and cannot be adjusted for fill.
Our firmest is our Organic cotton filled pillow. It is very sturdy, not much give. It must be spot cleaned only as organic cotton fill cannot be washed. Make sure it dries completely in sun or hot oven to keep pillow from getting musty.
The 4″ chiro pillow is great for under your neck or between your breasts for light support.
The Yoga pillow is great for many of my exercises and under my neck when I am sleeping on my side.
This type of wool can be machine washed delicate cool and hang dry (not in sun).
We cover our Wool with our organic cotton high quality fabrics of your choice for an attractive look.
Choose from our FUN Yoga and Neck Pillows.
I use the 4″ pillow for between my breasts when I need to lay on tummy or am doing yoga exercises. Also great for after a mastectomy.

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15", 30", 42", 60"

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